Prospective customers

This blog is for you, the purchaser and user of translations. The following are the most basic questions. For more in-depth answers to a larger sampling of frequent questions related to language services, please visit at my commercial website.

Are you an ATA-certified translator? Yes, since 1992, in the English-to-Spanish language pair. However, my ATA membership has lapsed since 2018 for personal reasons.

What are your specializations? They include architecture, finances, hardware, economics, banking, health care, medicine, weatherization, and software localization. For a portfolio, feel free to visit

What tools do you use? SDLX 2014 Studio, Deja Vu X2 & X3 Professional, Passolo 2009, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator versions CS4/CS5.5/CS6, Quark Xpress 10, MS Office 2007, Acrobat Professional X. Very familiar with Idiom WorldServer 9 (server and desktop versions), Catalyst, Microsoft Visual Studio and Passolo 2009 as well.

Can you work on location for a short period of time? I am currently unavailable for assignments outside of Maryland, USA.


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