How much do you charge per word?

A message, whether it is a page full of paragraphs or a newsletter with graphics, tables and text, cannot be measured by words. I will give you a quote for the entire project after I have had the opportunity to discuss your project’s parameters with you.

Do you use Trados?

Yes. Trados 2014 Workbench/TagEditor is one of several tools I keep in my toolkit. As a language professional, I choose which tool to apply depending on the project’s requirements.

Do you apply Trados discounts?

Please see my answer under How much do you charge per word?

Why are your services so expensive?

My rates for projects and services are not fixed entities, but they’re negotiable. A number of factors enter in the calculation of my fees, time to completion being one of them. Naturally, I can charge you a really low rate if you don’t mind receiving a first draft, unpolished, with a couple of typos here and there. Yes, I thought you wouldn’t want that.

Can you just review my bilingual employee’s written document? It is a simple thing.

Is the image of your company a simple thing? Did you build your reputation with effort and dedication or did you just slap things together for effect? I care about your business image as much as you do. So, I’ll be happy to review the document written by your bilingual employee, but I’ll be the judge of what’s well written and what is not, and whether a rewrite is necessary.

I only have a PDF file. Can you convert it to Word and return the translation in Word?

Yes, I can. But the conversion may be simple or complex depending on the formatting in the PDF file. While minor formatting modifications are always included in the project fee, we would have to discuss your document’s format, presentation, visual elements, etc. before we can decide on a suitable workflow.

I have a Trados translation memory that I want you to use.

No problem. Translation memory import/export operations, as well as minor maintenance are standard procedures in any of my projects. Just make sure to provide me with the format and tool version of your translation memory (example: Trados 7 in a .txt file or Trados 8 in a .tmx file).

I have a project for you, but you’ll have to come to Seattle for 3 weeks. Can you do that?

I would have said yes in the past, but current covid-19 pandemic restrictions prevent me from traveling anywhere. Besides, I am not currently free to consider out-of-town assignments as I hold a full-time software localization position in Maryland. Regardless, please contact me to discuss your needs and see what I can do to accommodate them or refer you to a trusted colleague instead.

I have visited other websites with translation services. They publish their rates. Why don’t you publish your rates?

Please see my answer under How much do you charge per word?

I need an interpreter in Columbus, OH, next Thursday. How much do you charge per hour?

Unfortunately, I do not provide interpreting services. Please contact your local ATA chapter for interpreters in your geographical area of interest.

Is your question not here?

Please email me your question and I will promptly post it!


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