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No mousewheel scroll in TagEditor

So, what’s new? I have been using TagEditor since version 1.0 in 1998. Scrolling wheels in mice came much later. Yet, the developers of Trados and TagEditor didn’t bother to add the scrolling feature compatible with this new mouse. As a result, the translator or editor have to scroll content manually for pages on end with the help of the down arrow key. Very inefficient.

I recently wrote to the site and posted an idea for an improvement: Add functionality for the mouse wheel in TagEditor. I receive the following response: Hi Mario, this all works in Studio, but we won’t be doing any more development of this nature in TagEditor. Sincerely Yours, The SDL Ideas Team

The upside: a personalized message, quick too (in less than 24 hours). The downside: the message is “use Studio 2009 instead of TagEditor.”

The fact is, I dislike SDL Studio 2009. Its cumbersome, dinosaur-sized interface is cluttered with windows and it is not very intuitive. To add insult to injury, SDL Studio 2009 only works with proprietary TM formats…unlike Trados or other products out there, that work in TXT and TMX formats.

So, a thumbs down on TagEditor, an otherwise fantastic tool for working with files in a wide variety of formats.


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