Visiting the 2011 Sunnyvale Art Fair

Visiting the 2011 Sunnyvale Art Fair

I am Mario Chávez, the author, owner and webmaster of Wordsmeet. My 28+ years of professional experience encompass translation, editing & proofreading, software regression testing, project management, multilingual typesetting, software localization, project management training and translation teaching. I have also published articles in ATA Chronicle, NYCT’s Gotham Translator, NCTA’s Translorial. Apuntes and MICATA’s Monitor.

I hold a Master’s in Audiovisual Translation from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain) and a BA in English and Translation Studies (Traductorado público de inglés) from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina).

I have a 24/7 approach to working for my customers. My experience working as a freelancer and as a in-house software translator inform my customer service and enrich my relationships with my clientele with a business touch.

I believe in a collaborative partnership with my customers and colleagues. That’s why I created Wordsmeet, a blog for customers, colleagues and others interested in Spanish translation and translation in general.

Feel free to comment and participate!


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